Cares for Children Passed 23/02/2004
Is Handy Around the House Passed 22/04/2006
In the Kitchen Passed 29/07/2005
In the House Passed 14/10/2004
Goes Car Crazy I've got a car so I should do this    
Got Green Fingers Finished 23/10/2006
Is Safe at Home Passed 06/10/2005
Keeps Healthy Passed 16/12/2005
In Stitches Passed 22/07/2004
Gets Needled Passed 22/07/2004
Goes On-Line Passed 06/09/2004
Web Designer Passed 07/05/2005
The Computer Whizz Passed 17/04/2005
The Communicator Passed 14/02/2005
Gets Crafty Passed 14/02/2005
The Bookworm Passed 05/08/2004
The Administrator Passed 09/03/2006
The Musician Not a hope. I don't play an instrument    
The Author Passed 11/12/2005
Goes Public Finished 03/09/2007
Goes Camping Not much hope though I would like to. Last camped in 1989!    
Gets Traditional Passed 20/07/2006
The Camp QM Unlikely unless I camp again    
The Holiday QM Finished 02/10/2006
Gets Knotted Finished 23/10/2006
Gets Adventurous No chance, unless I can keep my feet on the ground throughout    
Is Safe Out and About Should be able to do this    
The Campfire Singer Would like to but have you heard me sing?    
Gets Lost I'm good at this    
Gets Snappy Passed 16/12/2005
Goes Graphical Completed 06/07/2007
Is a Bookworm 2 Passed 27/05/2005
Gets Crafty 2 Passed 29/09/2005
Is Superwoman I know the badge will never exist but I have done all the badges and said no so I've awarded it to myself anyway! 26/10/2006

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