Complete all clauses

Clause 1 Practice good care of books (not folding corners down etc), make yourself a bookmark & use it!

I always look after my books, I don't ever fold the corners down, write in them or even crease the spin, any books that I have had from new look like they have never been read. I never leave my books anywhere that my son can get hold of as he has a habit of chewing them and screwing the pages up when trying to turn them. I always use a bookmark as I can no longer remember which page I'm on, nor can I read them so quickly that a bookmark is irrelevant.

Clause 2 Whilst working for this badge, read at least twelve books for pleasure. Keep a list of what you read, and make notes on them. The books you choose should not include more than three by any one author, and you should include books from at least 6 of the following categories: · Non-fiction · Two or more books from a trilogy or series · Written before 1900 · A "classic" (e.g. "Cider with Rosie", "To kill a Mockingbird", anything by Dickens, Shakespeare or Austen etc) · Romance · Biography/Autobiography · Modern Fiction (written in the last 2 years) · A Children's book · Science Fiction · Mystery, crime or horror · Historic fiction, or a true story of a historic character · Poetry

Book Title: From contented baby to Confident Toddler

Author: Gina Ford Section:


This book (and the previous book) was highly recommended by colleagues at work for problem solving in the first three years. In the authors opinion all problems stem from incorrect feeding, sleeping and lack of routine in the first few months. The book is in lots of short sections making it easy to dip in and out off and does not need to be read from beginning to end. Each section also has anecdotes where the author has dealt with a child with the problem discussed in the previous section. In my experience the problem resolution is not always as quick and easy as the book suggests but with perseverance you can get there. This book has been an interesting read and has some good pointers for novice mothers like myself

Book Title: A Death Divided

Author: Claire Frances

Section: Mystery/Crime/Horror

Jenna has been estranged from her family for a number of years and now they want to find her. Family friend Joe is asked to search for her, as her signature is required on some legal documentation. With some assistance from his girlfriend Sarah he eventually locates Jenna and her husband to find that Jenna blames herself for the death of a friend (Jamie) and her husband is keeping her away from family and friends (not against her will) to stop her admitting to his murder, which she did not commit. Jenna dies shortly after Joe finds her and a murder investigation is launched. All the way through the book I thought that Jennas brother Mark was to blame. In the final chapter you find that the whole thing has been an elaborate set up with his girlfriend engineering the whole plot. Sarah turns out to be the sister of Jamie and blames Jenna for his death, Sarah did not however commit murder as she could not go through with it. Completely tortured by the whole situation Jenna flips and jumps from the weir that took Jamie's life.

Book Title: King of the Torts

Author: John Grisham

Section: Modern Fiction (written in the last 2 years)

Clay Carter is a lawyer who deals with cases from OPD and makes a meagre living doing this. One day he is assigned a case where the defendant has randomly killed someone but he does not know why. When Clay tries to dig deeper into the history he finds he is blocked. An informant tracks Clay and he discovers that the defendant has been taking a prescribed drug, Tarvan, which in a small number of cases causes unexplained violence in the drug taker. There have been six such cases, the manufacturer of the drug wants a quick quiet settlement. Clay sets up his own law firm to deal with these cases and in doing so makes millions of dollars. His informant now tells Clay of another drug that's gone bad, Dyloft, Clay piles his millions into advertising for clients and is approached by a group of mass tort lawyers, they settle quickly with the manufacturers, Clay is declared King of the Torts. One of the mass tort lawyers advises him of a company that has made a bad batch of cement causing the houses built with it to crumble. Clay tries to settle but causes the company to go into bankruptcy, which then has to lay off a large number of its workers. Yet another tip off and Clay is chasing clients for a drug called maxtail, this is a drug that no other mass tort lawyer would touch, Clay ends up with 26,000 cases. There is a lawyer who is trying a maxtail case, he hasn't lost a case in 21 years.

Things start going down him from here, Clay is beaten up by some disgruntled cement workers, people who took Dyloft are now getting cancer and are suing Clay for settling for too little, the Maxtail lawyer looses his case and the informant has disappeared. Clay is going to file for bankruptcy and fly off to live in recluse with his girlfriend in London but not before he reveals all about Tarvan to a reporter.

Book Title: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Author:

J K Rowling

Section: Two or more from a trilogy or series

I'm sure that many of you know about Harry Potter, though as yet there has been no mention of Elves. Harry is an orphaned child of a witch and wizard who is bought up by his Aunt and Uncle, the Dursleys. Strange things happen around Harry though he does not know why as he has never been told about his background. Harry then joins Hogwarts School where he begins to learn about his background and all sorts of magical skills. Harry is a natural on a broomstick and soon makes the house Quidditch team. Harry and his friends Ron and Hermione stubble on an attempt to steal the Philosopher's Stone by one of the school masters (Quirrell) for he who should not be named (Voldermort) The stone has been guarded by a number of spells performed by the teachers. Harry and his friends ultimately save the day, having worked out how to get though all the magic spells, the stone is rescued, well it actually falls into his pocket and Harrys house, Gryffindor win the school cup for the first time in seven years.

Book Title: I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue book of limericks

Author: I'm Sorry I haven't a clue team

Section: Poetry?

I don't do poetry, along with a few of the other sections mentioned in the reading list. As this book does not belong in any other section listed I have put it under poetry unless anyone else has any other ideas where it belongs. I enjoy the radio programme so thought I would give this book ago. The limericks are short and witty and don't need explaining, I find the vast majority poetry too deep and the majority of time I haven't a clue what the poet is on about (no pun intended). The book is easy to dip in and out of and if you only read one at a time that's ok.

Book Title: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Author:

J K Rowling

Section: Two or more from a trilogy or series

Harry Potter is now in his second year at Hogwarts, though he nearly doesn't make it he receives a warning from Dobby, a house elf and then he is unable to get onto platform 9 ¾, Ron saves the day and gets them back in his dads flying car and lands them in a lot of trouble after it crashes into the whamping willow and is seen by some muggles. The Chamber of secrets has been opened by Ginny Weasley who has been taken over by Tom Marvell Riddle (I am Lord Voldemort) through his diary which she discovered in one of her school books. Harry and his friends that the chamber has been opened by the air of Slytherin and they suspect Draco Malfoy, the rest of the school however think that Harry is the heir as he can speak paseltongue (snake language) Harry is also concerned as he can hear the walls speaking to him. In the end Harry saves the day and manages to get into the chamber, through the girls toilets, meets Tom Riddle and defeats the basilisk (a type of snake) which turns out to be the voice in the wall. With all this going on Gryffindor fail to win the Quidditch cup as the tournament is cancelled.

Book Title: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Author: J K Rowling

Section: Two or more from a trilogy or series

Now in his third year at Hogwarts Harry is involved with an escaped prisoner from the wizards jail, Azkaban. It is thought that Sirius Black is after Harry as he was convicted of killing his parents. Hogwarts have been sent dementors to protect the school. Dementors live off the humans and have the ability to drain their soul. Harry has his first encounter with the Dementors on the Hogwarts Express and needs chocolate to revive him. It is here that he also meets the new defence against the dark arts teacher, Professor Lupin. Lupin makes friends with Harry and teaches him how to ward off the Dementors. In his second confrontation he does a little better. Scabbers, Ron rat is a bit wild this year, probably because Hermonie has a new cat, Crookshanks. Now they are in their third year pupils are allowed to visit Hogsmead, a magical village, providing their guardians allow them, naturally Harry is unable to go as the Dursleys wont authorise it. Harry however is given a maurders map by Fred and George and is able to go through some secret tunnels to get there Harry has been seeing a dark dog watching him, this is thought to be a bad omen and indeed the dog turns out to be Sirius who has the ability to transfigure himself into a dog, however he is not after Harry but Scabbers, Rons rat, who really is Peter Pettigrew the person who actually killed Harrys parents. All ends well(ish) Sirius turns out to be Harrys godfather and escapes on Hagrids Hippogriff, as nobody will believe he is innocent as Peter is believed to be dean. Peter turns himself back into a rat and also escapes, no doubt to trouble Harry again. In his third encounter with the Dementors Harry manages to ward them off. Gryffindor finally win the Quidditch cup

Book Title: Opening Up

Author: Michael Atherton

Section: Biography/Autobiography

A Yorkshire man recommended this book to me and as Atherton played for Lancashire it was likely to be a good read.

The book covers Athertons playing career from a schoolboy to his retirement from test and county cricket. The book mainly concentrates on his England career and gives Athertons views on the various selection committees and management he as played under.

The book also contains Athertons personal view on some of greatest players in world cricket that he has played with and against. The book also documents the 'dirt in the pocket' incident.

Having never read a biography/autobiography before I have nothing to compare this book with but I would recommend the book to anyone who has an interest in cricket.

Book Title: Emmas Secret

Author: Barbara Taylor-Bradford

Section: Romance

Not a romance fan at all but enjoyed reading the woman of substance and the two sequels if I skipped over the slushy bits. Emmas Secret is the fourth book part of which is set in the current day and part during the Second World War and its this part that fills in some parts of the previous books.

Evan Hughes is told by her dying grandmother that her future lies with Emma Harte, who unknown to her has been dead for thirty years. Evan makes her way from New York to London where she gets a job in Hartes department store working with Linnet McGill and India Standish who are two of Emmas great grandchildren and falls in love with Gideon Harte another great grandchild. The story centres round the identity of Evans grandfather through some diaries written by Emma during the war. Evans grandmother was Emmas secretary during the war period and had a brief affair with her son Robin. The identity however is not revealed until the last chapter.

Having read the previous books along time ago I was lost with who was who and how they are inter-related. Could have done with a family tree at the beginning of the book which included everyone. There was a synopsis of most of the characters but there was one that popped up that wasn't mentioned. Think I will probably have to re-read the previous books before I read the fifth book in the series which was published in July this year.

Book Title: Poisoned Chalice

Author: Bernard Knight

Section: Historic Fiction

This book is set in December 1194. John de Wolfe is the crowner (coroner) for Devon. Two of the ladies have been attached, one was ravished and deflowered and the other dead after a failed abortion attempt. The crowner has to establish through very primitive methods the perpetrator of these crimes. The only connection appears to be the local silversmith who towards the end of the book also dies, though not before admitting to be the father of dead ladies child and bribing the local apocrathy to perform an abortion, though he denies the ravishment. The rapist turns out to be one of the employees of the silversmith. A third person, a local wine importer is responsible for the death of the silversmith as he wants to be with his mistreated wife.

Sounds a lot more complicated than it is and there a whole glossary of terms to understand before reading this book put a fascinating insight to the legal system of the times such that it was and how they lived.

Book Title: The Sanctuary Seeker

Author: Bernard Knight

Section: Historic Fiction

This is the first book in the Crowner John series (there are about seven). Should have read this book first as it goes a bit more into the background of main characters.

Set in November 1194 a murder crusader is found, Crowner John has to identify the body and charge some one with his death. The main perpetrator of the crime in the sheriffs opinion is Alan Fitzhai who has to go through the order to prove his innocence. The ordeal involves retrieving a 2lb stone from a vat of boiling water, if he obtains anything other than a pinkening of skin he is guilty and will be hanged after a further trial. The dead man turns out to be Hubert de Bonneville eldest son of the Lord of Peter Tavy. In the meantime another body is found who eventually turns out to be Huberts squire. Hubert had gone on the crusades and had been away for a number of years, his two Brothers Gervais and Martyn have been looking after their dying father who eventually passes away.

Crowner John has to look no further than the family to find the real culprit, Gervais and his squire Baldwyn planned both murders so that he could inherit the Lordship of Peter Tavy. Gervais seeks sanctuary in a church where different laws applied. Eventually he confesses all, his sentence is to lose all his worldly goods and to leave the Kingdom of Richard via the port of Plymouth for as long as he reigns.

Book Title: Number 10

Author: Sue Townsend

Section: Modern Fiction (written in the last 2 years) E

dward Clare is the prime minister with falling popularity in the opinion polls. In attempt to get back in touch with the national a weeks break is planned. Edward becomes Edwina and accompanied by Jack Spratt, a number 10 policeman tours the country. With Britain believing that he is in a secret bunker he is able to tour around freely. His experiences include public transport, run down estates, NHS hospitals and a crack den which has been set up at Jacks mothers house. This book was easy enough to read though I did not find it anywhere near as funny as the reviews suggested.

Clause 3 Read a book that has been made into a TV series or film, and watch the film (in either order). Evaluate the accuracy of the film/TV series against the book, and discuss why producers often feel the need to change what the author originally wrote.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Glad I read the books first there were chunks of the story left out of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone quite a lot of it was background so could have proved confusing if you hadn't read the book first. The producers have strived to produce watchable films some of the background and snippets of information that could make boring viewing are not included. However where the snippet was too important to be left out the scene was padded out with stuff that is not in the original book.

Its always more difficult to portray thoughts successfully on screen without them seeming too bizarre. With a film like Harry Potter where a lot of special effects needed it is difficult to get them as the author or the reader imagined. Playing the scenes out in your own imagination gives the greatest special effects

At the end of the day the producer is trying to get a 200 page book into a two hour film that has enough action in to keep the viewer interested regardless of how close to the original storyline he is getting.

Clause 4 Organise (or at least start to!) your own collection of books at home. Evaluate the books you have, donate any that you no longer want to charity and try to make the remainder easy to find. You may like to arrange them by author, alphabetically by title, or by subject.

Always keep my books by subject, then either by author or by book size depending on which shelves I can fit them onto. I have recently donated a number to the church to sell on to raise funds for the new church.

Clause 5 Research the possible sources of obtaining books in your locality, including standard bookshops (e.g. Waterstones), cheap bookshops (e.g. The Works), libraries (public & university if applicable) and charity shops or second hand book shops.

We have a Smiths in town and another local bookshop where new books can be purchased or ordered (usually arrive the following day). There are also five charity shops where second hand books are sold. Tesco, Woolworths and one of the local newsagents also stock a small number of books. There is also a public library where books can be borrowed or ordered providing they are owned by the library service. My Mums local church always has a selection of books donated by the parishioners for sale to help raise funds for the new church building.

Clause 6 Join your local library if you are not already a member, and learn your way round. Know the opening times, what types of books are available to borrow, how long you can have them for and know now how to use the library catalogues. Use your library at least twice whilst working for the badge.

I have always been a member of the local public library for as long as I can remember I usually visit the library every three weeks a wide range of books, audio books, videos and CDs. 10 books can be borrowed at a time free of charge for a three week period, these can then be renewed if no one else has ordered them. Audio books, CDs and videos can be borrowed for a week at a time, you are charged £1 a week for each item. Our local library is open on the following days: Monday 09:00 - 17:30 Tuesday 10:00 - 17:30 Wednesday 09:00 - 17:30 Thursday 09:00 - 20:00 Friday 09:00 - 17:30 Saturday 09:30 - 16:00 Sunday Closed

Clause 7 Visit the reference section of your local library to research a particular topic. You may need to use almanacs, gazettes, encyclopedias, etc. Compare and evaluate the information you find with the information you can obtain from CD-ROM encyclopaedias, and the Internet.

Chepstow Castle Lots of detailed information is available at the library which required lots of reading to have an understanding of a brief history of the castle.

Asking an internet search slightly more specific questions I was able to find out some basic facts quite quickly. The obvious advantage using the internet meant that I could do the research when I had time and was toddler free rather than when the library is open and said children wants to play.

I found that this site had some useful information:-

Clause 8 Know what services and resources are available at your library, such as Internet access, local history information, microfiches, timetables, classes or courses etc.

As well as books, videos and CDs the library has internet access, a service for partially sighted and blind people (including books in Braille). A parent collection that deals with issues from child care to helping children with homework. Story sacks for playgroups, preschool and registered child minders to borrow, each sack contains a story and a large number of props. Sheet music loans, details on how to donate books to the library. There is also local information in both English and Welsh. The library also holds copies of the local bus timetables, theatre information for venues mostly in and between Bristol and Cardiff. Just outside the library is a notice board which has details of some local groups and class as well as tourist information type leaflets

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