Complete clauses 1 and 2, and a 5 further clauses taken from at least two sections, which provide a personal challenge

Clause 1 Have a working knowledge of three of the following methods of communication. Know the appropriateness of each method for different circumstances, such as complaints, requesting information etc: Telephone, Fax, Email, Sign Language, Video Conferencing and Text Telephones

I have a good working knowledge of telephone, fax and email through work (though sometime I wish I didn't. Have worked in the telephone exchange and the fax/telex office of my previous company. Whilst working for this badge I have also learnt how to use the text facility on my mobile phone.

Clause 2 Make a telephone call to somebody you don't know.

I do this every day as part of my job. I have to cold call suppliers and try and persuade them to sign up for a clients e-commerce system, feels like I'm selling double glazing. I also have to call those who have completed the initial signing up and encourage them to progress until they are live on the system. This is much easier.

Clause 7 Learn the signals used in a sport, hobby or interest of your choice

I enjoy a game of cricket so have decided to learn the umpiring signals.

No ball - Right arm to side of the body at shoulder height, index finger pointing

Bye - Right arm raised high above head Leg bye - Stand on left leg and raise right leg to a right angle, right hand on knee

Wide - Both arms to side of body both index fingers pointing

Four runs - Sweep right arm across in front of body from side to side.

Six runs - Hold both arms in the air

Out - Right arm raised high above head index finger pointing (not to be confused with a bye)

Clause 9 Tell a story to a child. You may wish to use different voices and/or sound effects.

My son loves Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder stories, I try and give different voices and whistles to each engine. He is captivated though I'm not sure that its my voice

Clause 18 Know the international phonetic alphabet. Be able to spell out your name, address and other basic information.

I Have had to learn the phonetic alphabet for work.

A - Alpha

B - Bravo

C - Charlie

D - Delta

E - Echo

F - Foxtrot

G - Golf

H - Hotel

I - Indigo

J - Juliet

K - Kilo

L - Lima

M - Mike

N - November

O - Oscar

P - Papa

Q - Quebec

R - Romeo

S - Sierra

T - Tango

U - Uniform

V - Victor

W - Whiskey

X - X-Ray

Y - Yankee

Z - Zulu

Therefore I am Hotel Alpha Zulu Echo Lima, Alpha November November, Whiskey Alpha Indigo November Whiskey Romeo Indigo Golf Hotel Tango

Clause 20 Write a letter of complaint, outlining the problem concisely and precisely.

Dear Sirs

I would like to draw to your attention the junction between Mounton Road and Mounton Drive Chepstow. The recently painted double yellow lines going to the Wye Valley Link Road have greatly proved the driving conditions for cars pulling out of Mounton Drive however I do not feel that they go far enough on Mounton Road going into town.

There is frequently a car parked just after the double yellow lines end blocking the view on the brow of the hill. Cars doing less than 30 miles per hour suddenly appear even when taking the utmost care and where a car is going faster I feel that it is an accident waiting to happen

I would like to suggest that to improve the situation that the double yellow line should be extended beyond the brow of the hill and possibly all the way down. The road is only just wide enough for two cars to pass, as far as I can see all the houses have parking for at least one car. I often walk into town with a pushchair and feel particularly vulerable if I have to go round a parked car.

The road could be improved further by the addition of a speed hump or two near the top to prevent cars from racing up the hill.

I would also like to point out the state of the pavement between the steps to the Chepstow Community Hospital and the end of Mounton Road leading the disabled entrance to the hospital. Until recently I would have described it as very uneven and an uncomfortable ride for wheelchair users, I would now describe it as almost dangerous.

The pavement surface is now lifting and breaking away in places making it a potential trip hazard for those who are partially sighted/blind and those who are infirm on their feet. Could the council possibly arrange for the old surface to be removed and a new one laid. I feel that it is only a matter of time before someone trips and falls and possibly suing the council for the state of the pavement.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully

6th December update: part of the pavement has been replaced and it looks like the council may do the rest!

Clause 22. Using only written directions (i.e. no diagrams etc) complete a craft project or similar.

Have made three beaded roses using Doreens instructions (on they anycrafts group I think). Have never done any beading apart from the odd one on a cross stitch. Found the roses easy to do, though I did have problems with the thread twisting. Great instructions Doreen.

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