Complete Clauses 1-4 and any four others.

Clause 1 Do one of the following:

a) Learn how to use a Word Processing programme. Become proficient in formatting, editing, cutting & pasting, spell checking, inserting symbols and creating columns, tables and boxes.

I am proficient at using MS Word, I use it a lot at work also use it at home for my Brownie notes

b) Learn how to use a spreadsheet programme to keep accounts. Become proficient in formatting a worksheet, entering and organising data, using formulae and creating charts or graphs from your data.

I am proficient at using MS Excel, I use it a lot at work and also use it at home for all my Guiding accounts

f) Learn to use another software program (not a game), that allows you to do something new. Become proficient in its use. This could be related to a hobby or interest, or for work.

Have learned how to use a cross stitch package for my gets needled badge

Clause 2 Use a computer to produce three of the following, using at least two different software packages:

§ A Unit, District, Division or County newsletter

Have used word to create a unit newsletter

§ Greetings cards or Party invitations

Have made an invitation for a party to open (!!!) my sons new wendy house using paint.

§ Unit accounts Have added this clause.

I have started to keep my guiding accounts on MS Excel and have back dated this to cover the last seven years. Each new month links to the previous month and each new workbook links to the previous years workbook. There are sums to total columns and sums to move money to and from bank accounts.

Clause 3 Understand the laws that concern copying of software, access to computer systems, reproduction of info to or from web sites and storage of personal information.

All intellectual works (programs, data, pictures etc.) are automatically covered by copyright . Under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act of 1988, the owner of the copyright has the exclusive right to copy the work. For computer software this means that it is illegal to copy or distribute software, or its documentation, without the permission of the copyright owner. The conditions and restrictions of licenses vary from program to program and you should always read these very carefully. In general, software licenses stipulate that: · modifications to the software are not allowed · decompiling (reverse engineering) of the program code is not allowed · development of new works built upon the package (derivative works) is not allowed without the permission of the copyright owner. Works put on the Internet are considered "published" and therefore qualify for copyright protection. A work put on the Internet is not considered public domain simply because it was posted on the Internet and free for anyone to download and copy. You need permission from the site owner to publish any materials, including photographs, music, and artwork from the site. The best way to enforce Internet copyright is through the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 is designed primarily to limit the liability of Internet service providers for acts of copyright infringement by customers who are using the providers' systems or networks. I have looked at a number of web sites that have information on copyright.

Clause 4 Keep a log for two weeks, noting how many times your daily life involves a computer. Find out how computer technology has changed household appliances (e.g. washing machines). What are the advantages and disadvantages?

I use the computer 8 hours a day at work and quite often in the evening. Any house hold appliance takes back seat and I usually only use them on Sundays

Clause 9 Help a novice user to learn to use a software package and achieve a result (e.g. produce a poster)

Have attempted to teach Word and Excel to my Dad to help produce letters and accounts for his Scouting activities

Clause 10 Learn how to set up and use a new peripheral device, such as a writeable CD-ROM, a scanner, a ZIP drive, a digital camera or a web-cam.

Have set up a card reader and the relevant software on my PC at work

Clause 12 Convert a paper-based collection to a computer-based one. E.g. scan a photo collection onto the computer, organize a recipe collection or create a database of your books

Have scanned all my county silks on to the PC and have made a virtual collection of them on my website. Have emailed a few of my scans to Sandra Hill for her web site. I'll insert the link here when the web site is up and running.

Clause 17 Complete a computer-based project of your choice which extends your skills

I have learned how to write queries on a Remedy based system, have then exported these to Excel with using a DDE.ini. This has been a work based project. Have also been building a web site for my web designer badge using HotMetalPro

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