Complete all clauses. Throughout, you should know how to use, store and clean the equipment and tools you use in your crafts.

Clause 1 Complete a major craft project that extends your skills in some way. You may wish to try a new technique, a larger project or producing a gift for somebody.

Made all my Christmas cards. Definitely a major project. Initially I planned to complete around one a week (as I needed around 60), come July I hadn't made any so in an effort to catch up I made a lot of cards using teabag folding using free papers I found on the web. In the end I made 80 cards so that I had some spares, which if not used could be saved for next year. I also set my address book up so I could print the. Not strictly crafty but made the writing phase much easier and next year will be even quicker. I know its only August but I have all my cards written and waiting to be posted, just need to add stamps to the envelopes!

Clause 2 Teach somebody else one of the crafts you used in your first "BOGUK gets crafty" - this could be a group of Guides, a neighbour or even your Mum! Make sure you think how you may need to adapt the craft for the age group, for a person with a disability or for using limited resources.

Teabag folding, have taught a colleague two different ways of folding teabag papers. I used this technique for one of my cards for crafty 1 as well as using it for my major project for crafty 2. Scoubidou, although not done in crafty I have done scoubidou for crafty 2 and have taught 2 Guiders and the Brownies.

Clause 3 Either : a) Create (ie design yourself!) a craft using "scraps" of materials you have around the house and that might otherwise be thrown away (recycling!) OR b) Create (ie design yourself) a craft suitable for using as a fundraiser

Smartie tubes covered for good turns using a clipart image from BOGUK of a Brownie, however the decoration would be entirely up to the individual Brownie. The idea being each Brownie does good turns at home and for other willing family members. The Brownie is then given some money for her tube for each task. The tube holds 1p, 5p, 20p and £1 coins (though I didn't see any of these). The vast majority of the tubes were returned with mostly 1p and 5p's.

Clause 4 Complete 5 more craft projects, at least one of which uses a craft which is new to you. The others should extend your existing knowledge or develop new skills. You may like to extend the skills you chose for your first badge, or try some new ones.

Scoubidou - Have done several square and round knot key rings as well as mices, spiders, snakes, fish, a pig, a tiger, an elephant and a fleet of helicopters. Have knotted with 3, 4, 6, 8, and 12 strands. The pig was an interesting project, I found the instructions on the website which is all in Dutch. I copied and pasted the text into babble fish, I managed to complete the project from the translated instructions. The elephant and tiger I did from instructions from the 'You can do Scoubidou' before the book was printed as I was testing the instructions and translation from Dutch to English.

Bean bag - Have made a bean bag with Thomas the Tank engine fabric for my 2 ½ year old.

Crochet - Have crocheted a blanket, initially meant to be for a baby but ended up being a blanket for a cot bed or an afternoon nap of the sofa! I wasn't very good at the tension even though the wool came of the same ball and the same hook was used for each square! Still I managed to sew them together to make the blanket.

Door name plate using Fimo. Hand rolled some letters which I then stuck to a piece of wood which had been painted with gloss paint (used aroldite) for my sons wendy house.

Small Cross Stitch - The hedgehog was extremely challenging and took a long time to complete. Virtually all stitches are blended and lots of the colours were similar. I don't think I got it right in the end but the end result looks good. I've also stitched a hairy BOGUK because I found the pattern!

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