Complete Clauses 1 and 2 and a further three of your choice. Throughout, you should know how to use, store and clean the equipment and tools you use in your crafts.

Clause 1 Using existing craft skills, undertake a major project that extends your skills in some way. You may wish to try a new technique, a larger project or producing a gift for somebody. OR Learn a new skill, and develop it over a period of time, and undertake a major project using that skill.

Have made a blackwork fan. First tried this type of needlecraft for my gets needled badge. Although the finished article looks great I did at time find it tedious using just one colour. Very frustrating as it also took six weeks to frame as I took it to the framers just before Christmas and then they had hardly any frames in stock.

Clause 2 Make three greetings cards using a different technique for each, e.g. pressed flowers, quilling, rubber stamps, decoupage etc. These should be of a standard you would not be embarrassed to send!

Have made one card using teabag folding a new technique for me, one card using a rubber stamp again a new technique and the third card I cut from a paper doily

Clause 12 Have a go at Quilling, and decorate some greetings cards. Extend your knowledge by creating new designs or using different papers.

Have created a card a picture frame card, two book marks and two gift tags from a beginners kit. This is a new technique for me, found it fairly easy if not a little fiddly. My biggest problem was trying to get a uniform size to my quills. I then used a thicker paper and made a hairy Boguk using Judith Benson's pattern, I'm pleased with the result but its not as goods as Judith's

Clause 25 Make a Hairy Boguk using any form of "craft" you wish!

Choose this as it was a fun clause. Knitted the body using funky fur wool using a ball pattern I found on the internet. The 'nose' was cross stitched onto plastic canvass. The eyes and mouth were cut from felt. The arms and legs were made from black cord with thin wire running through them to make them posable. Finally the hands and feet were crafted out of fimo.

Have also made a quilled Boguk.

Clause 27 Complete a project using any other form of craft.

I have made three crochet snowflake book marks using crochet cotton and used the same pattern but adapted it slightly to make Christmas tree decorations. This is a nearly new craft for me I learnt some basic stitches at infants school and then made a pot holder as part of my pre-enrollment challenges in 1977. The pattern is an American one so I had to look up the abbreviations and then remember that SC and DC are what I know as double crochet and trebles. The link for the pattern I used is

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