Complete clauses 1-8 and two others which provide a personal challenge to you

Clause 1 Act as QM or assistant QM for an indoor Holiday. Know the roles and responsibilities of a QM, and the importance of having "free time" during a long or busy holiday. Understand the capabilities of the girls and how they can be included in the preparation and serving of food.

If we are over tired we may become run down (and grumpy!) & are more likely to have accidents

Brownies should be able to help with almost all preparation and some of the cooking and serving but not to lift heavy pans and kettles. Also, extra care must be taken when using knives and when near the oven

Have acted as assistant QM on a Brownie holiday at the beginning of May. I know and understand the responsibilities of a QM. The holiday I went on was only a weekend but there were plenty of activities planned so time out was important, we were fortunate in that we had five Guiders, a retired Guider and a Young Leader there most of the time so time out was not a problem. We also had a rest hour each day for both Brownies and Adults. I understand the capabilities of my own Brownies and what I would expect from girls in another unit. The unit that I was with on this occasion have recently done their advanced cooks badge so were more able than my girls.

Before a holiday a QM should talk to GIC about menus, programme and equipment required (borrow or hire any thing necessary). The QM should also talk to the Brownies about the menus before planning them. Once the menus have been drawn up the QM is usually responsible for making out provisions lists and buying the required items

During a holiday a QM is usually responsible for storing food and equipment, the supervision of preparing, cooking, serving and clearing away and washing up after meals. Ensure that the kitchen is tidy.

After a holiday a QM should complete any accounts and return anything that has been borrowed. On this particular holiday I wasn't responsible for the before or after duties as the GIC was undertaking a practice holiday before doing her license next year. I have however completed the before and after duties many times before, most recently at the beginning of September this year.

Clause 2 Complete a Food Hygiene Course, or be aware of (and practice!) good hygiene practises including hand washing, coloured cloths, coloured chopping boards etc. Discuss with the girls the importance of not working in the kitchen if they have a stomach upset or similar.

Although I could have submitted this badge in May I decided that I should do the Food Hygiene Course if I could make the date and venue on this years training calendar. I heard through the grapevine the date, but was unable to make contact with either the trainer or the county training secretary, I still haven't received this years training card. I would still like to do this training and hope to be able to complete it September next year but thought that it's probably time to submit my work for this badge.

Yes I am aware of this and hope I practice good hygiene. We discussed with the girls kitchen rules and explain when they were allowed in the kitchen. They were also told to ensure that their hair was tied back, hands were washed after working with food as well as before, something on their feet and aprons on before they were allowed to do any food preparation. We also explained that if they felt unwell that the leaders would decide if they could help in the kitchen as it is not hygienic to work in the kitchen if you have an upset stomach

Coloured cloths:- Blue - Loo Pink - Sinks Green - Clean (tables) Yellow - Floor Coloured chopping boards:-

Red - raw meat and poultry Blue - raw fish and shellfish Brown - raw unwashed vegetables, salads, fruit Yellow - ready to eat and cooked foods Green - washed vegetables, salads, fruit White - bakery & dairy products

Clause 3 Know how to dispose of kitchen waste hygienically, recycling where possible. Know how to dispose of grease (ie not down the drain!)

All kitchen waste was double wrapped and put into black bags. There was no rubbish collection facility where we were staying and therefore had to be taken home. On my way home from the holiday I took all the rubbish to the local tip. If we had more space we would have had separate bags for recycling. All the fat we had was allowed to set and then scrapped into rubbish bags, the pans were then washed up with boiling water and plenty of washing up liquid by the QM

Clause 4 Create a balanced menu for two different types of weekend holiday (e.g. activity, brownie etc)


Create a balanced menu for a week-long holiday

As I always do weekend holidays I have chosen to do a menu for a week long camp. I have assumed that the holiday is from Friday evening, finishing Friday afternoon.

Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Breakfast Cereals Beans on Toast Toast and Jam Cereals Bacon sandwich Toast and Jam Cereals Scrambled egg on toast Toast and Jam Cereals Beans on Toast Toast and Jam Cereals Bacon sandwich Toast and Jam Cereals Boiled eggs Toast and Jam Cereals Sausage Sandwich Toast and Jam
Snack Fruit and drink Sweet biscuit and drink Fruit and drink Plain biscuit and drink Dried fruit and drink Fruit and drink Dried fruit and drink
Dinner Burgers rolls and salad Tinned fruit and jelly Pasta bolognaise with hidden vegetables Garlic bread Fresh fruit salad Roast Chicken stuffing Roast potatoes Carrots Peas Chocolate Cheesecake Sausages Cheesy mash broccoli Sweet corn Stewed fruit and Greek yogurt Fish fingers Oven chips Baked beans Fruit crumble and custard Shepherds pie Cabbage Carrots Two flavours of instant whip Pizza Salad Garlic bread Fruit flan
Snack Drink and biscuit Drink and chocolate fingers Drink and biscuit Drink and malt loaf Drink and biscuit Drink and malt loaf Drink and biscuit
Tea Soup with rolls Fruit yogurt French bread and cheese tomato and cucumber Swiss roll Pitta pockets with tuna mayonnaise and sweet corn Choc Ice Spaghetti hoops on toast Fresh fruit Ham salad sandwiches Fresh fruit Jam tart Crackers and cheese spread tomato and cucumber Toasted teacake Jacket potatoes with baked beans and cheese Fresh fruit
Supper Hot drink and cake Hot drink and biscuit Hot drink and cake Hot drink and biscuit Hot drink and cake Hot drink and biscuit Hot drink and cake

Clause 5 Adapt a camp or holiday menu for a girl with a food allergy, religious requirement or similar.

On the holiday where I was QM we had two vegetarians. We offered Quorn sausages, Quorn bolognaise and Quorn fillets. We also had a girl that had a brain tumor and had been through both chemo and radiotherapy certain foods made her sick at the sight of them we obviously avoided these foods.

Clause 6 Prepare a shopping list, including quantities, for the chosen menu for your camp or holiday. Don't forget things like matches, tea towels, cleaning equipment etc.

I have always prepared menus and shopping lists for holidays never had a QM that has volunteered to do it. Think I need to start delegating. Do you want me to provide a list here? We always ask the girls to bring two tea towels of their own and a potato peeler that they can use otherwise potatoes won't be peeled. I never peel potatoes at home, I'm probably in the minority, and I'm not about to start peeling vast quantities.

Clause 7 Know how arrange the food in the storage space provided and how to store all types of food. Know how to keep food safe from animals (rodents, insects etc). Know what food can be reused (leftovers) and what must be discarded.

Unfortunately on this particular weekend the only storage was a small fridge and ice box. We put as much food as possible in the fridge, the rest of the fridge items remained in the cool boxes. All the dried/tinned food was left in boxes which were stored off the floor. There were very few leftovers the ones that were were fruit salad, vegetables, salad, bolognaise sauce and roast chicken. The fruit salad was used for breakfast the following day the cold vegetables and salad was discarded as there was no scope for using it in the planned menus. The bolognaise sauce was be kept in an air tight container and refrigerated and reheated by one of the leaders at home. Left over chicken was refrigerated and used for sandwiches and salads, again at home by the leaders.

Clause 8 Know where the gas, electricity and water supplies turn off. If using coin meters, know where the coin box is and how to operate it. If using bottled gas, know where new cylinders are stored and how to change the bottle. Be aware of the safety precautions required when changing gas cylinders.

I knew there the electric and water supplies were, there wasn't any gas, nor did we use gas cylinders. The only coin meters were for the heating but again I knew where these were and how to operate them

Clause 10 Cook and serve a meal out of doors using a portable stove, camp fire etc

We had a BBQ which I cooked on a disposable BBQ

Clause 11 Run an activity involving cooking for the girls - e.g. making cookies

As we were on holiday in Wales I made Welsh cakes with the Brownies. Only one Brownie had even heard of them before. We cooked them on a sandwich toaster which was very successful.

Clause 13 Try cooking something you have not tried before, or in a new way e.g. Cook a steamed pudding, do a pot roast, make your own ice cream etc

The Brownie pack that I was on holiday with requested chocolate cheese cake which I have not made before. There was the usual biscuit base. The 'topping' was made with double cream, mascarpone (have not used this ingredient) and melted chocolate. I shall be trying this again and will also offer it to my Brownies, possibly adding tinned or fresh fruit (such as oranges, strawberries or raspberries) to the top for decoration.

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