Complete clauses 1 - 3 and any three other clauses which provide a personal challenge to you.

Clause 1 Show that you can do the following: Sew a badge or name tape on neatly by hand, showing that you can thread a needle and start and finish off hand sewing neatly Sew on a button

Have sewn a number of badges onto my camp blanket, both the ribbon and the bound variety Have sewn a button onto a cardigan under clause 16

Clause 2 Have a working knowledge of a sewing machine. Know how the wind a bobbin and thread the machine. Know how to change a needle and a foot. Know how to do forward and reverse sewing. Know how to change the tension and/or thread length

Hopefully the fact that I have completed a Christening outfit shows that I have a working knowledge of my sewing machine. I have used this machine since I did my 'O' Levels and have therefore wound the bobbin and threaded the machine many a time, I have also changed the needle and the foot. I also know how to change the tension and thread length as well as being able to do forward and reverse sewing. I have recently had my machine serviced so its now in good working order.

Clause 3 Know the following: The difference between natural and man-made fibres, and how to care for and launder each type The suitability of fabrics for different types of garment The importance of using the right thread and trimmings for each fabric.

Natural fibres:-

Cotton - Comes from the ripe fluffy seed-pod of the cotton plant. Wash on programmes 1, 2 or 4 depending on finish and colour fastness.

Linen - Spun from the fibrous stalks of the flax plant. Wash on programmes 1, 2 or 5

Wool and other animal fibres - From the fleece/coat of an animal. Wash on wool programme or dry clean.

Silk - Comes from the filament spun by the silkworm for its cocoon. Wash on programme 7 or dry clean

Man-made fibres:- Acrylic - Produced from acrylonitrile, a liquid derived from oil refining and coal carbonisation processes. Wash on programme 6 or 8

Lycra - Based on segmented polyurethane. Wash as delicate or hand wash Nylon - Made up from benzene, from coal, oxygen and nitrogen. Wash on programme 3 or 4 depending on colour.

Polyester - Made from ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid which is derived from petroleum. Wash on programme 4

Viscose Rayon - Made from a wood pulp base. Wash on programme 2, 4, 5 or 7 depending on the fibre content of the fabric

Wash Programmes 1 Very hot 85, to boiling, maximum wash, spin

2 Hot 60, maximum wash spin

3 Hot 60, medium wash, cold rinse short spin

4 Hand Hot 50, medium wash cold rinse short spin

5 Warm 40, medium wash Spin

6 Warm 40, minimum wash, cold rinse short spin

7 Warm 40, minimum wash Spin

8 Hand wash only Warm 40 drip dry

It is always advisable to follow the washing label on garments. When making garments always use one of the recommended fabrics for best results. Using the right thread and trimmings will ensure that the garment hangs correctly.

Clause 4 Use a pattern to make a simple garment. Choose a suitable fabric, and know how to lay the pattern on the fabric. Make up the finished garment.

Made a christening outfit for my son. Have adapted the pattern slightly so that I had the collar style I wanted with both long sleeves and legs. The pattern is for an all in one with set in sleeves and sailor style collar, the outfit has a zip fastening. Although the pattern was designed with girls in mind I omitted the elasticated cuffs and ankles so that it looked a little less feminine. I have used cotton drill in navy and white with satin ribbon trimmings.

Clause 10 Make an article using patchwork.

I have made a patchwork cushion to go on my chair in the craft room. The cushion is patchwork on both the front and back in blues. Each side consists of 32 pieces, I have used lozenges, squares and octagons. The completed patchwork has then been attached to a homemade cushion cover.

Clause 11 Make a pair of curtains or similar. Choose a suitable fabric. Know how measure, allowing for joins and fullness and how to ensure that the hem is straight.

I have made several pairs of curtains the most recent pair being for my sons bedroom as I could not find any ready mades that I liked. The curtains are a yellow background and have a bear print on it. Unfortunately I cant get a good picture of these due to the black out linings and subdued lighting in the room. Trust me they do work having been woken a 04:30 each morning on holiday recently where there were no black out curtains.

Clause 16 Learn a new form of needlecraft and complete a project.

Not a completely new for of needlecraft, I have completed four new forms for my needled badge. I have decided to pick up my knitting needles and have knitted a matinee jacket for a friends baby. I have not picked up the needles for a number of years and had forgotten how much I enjoyed knitting and I can even do plain knitting whilst watching the television.

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