Complete clauses 1 and 2 and five others, which provide a personal challenge to you.

Clause 1 Be aware of safety in the kitchen. Share this knowledge with a group of Guides in any way you choose, e.g. quiz, drama etc

Did a simple quiz kitchen safety quiz and spot the hazards poster.

Clause 2 Be aware of good hygiene practices in the kitchen and demonstrate this both at home and at a camp, holiday or other event where multiple people are in attendance.

I don't get the opportunity to QM on Brownie holidays as I am always GIC. I am aware of good hygiene practices and demonstrate these when we cook as a pack at weekly Brownie meetings.

Clause 6 Go vegetarian (or vegan) for a week!

As we don't eat together as a family or various reasons 4 days a week (such as Brownie nights) and we are subjected to other peoples cooking twice a week and canteen food twice a week where the options range from jacket potato beans and or cheese, cheese salad or chips beans and cheese . I have done this clause over four weekends and have taken the time to cook and prepare "proper" (as opposed to buying ready made) vegetarian meals in all cases bar one.

The meals I have prepared are:-

Lentil bolognaise

Chick pea pie

Stuffed marrow

Winter vegetable casserole

Tomato and herb pasta bake (ok this was a cheat, the sauce came in a jar)

Shepherds pie made with quorn

Courgette, mushroom and red onion quiche (prepared pastry case used here)

Chillie Con Carne made with Quorn (as I don't eat hot or spicy foods I had a cheese and tomato pizza but my husband and two guests, one of whom is a veggie, enjoyed it.

Clause 8 Demonstrate four new or unusual ways of cooking potatoes (for example baked in jacket, creamed, croquettes, lyonnaise). Try to move away from chips, boiled, mashed & jacket!

I have adapted this clause to finding at least four new ways of using the fruit grown in the garden other than fruit pies and crumbles. We have apple, pear and plum trees and two blackcurrant bushes.

Faux blackcurrant cheese cake. After the success of the key lime pie I adapted the recipe to make a cheesecake style dessert. 9floz of condensed milk and 15floz of double cream whisked up with the juice of 2 large lemon topped with blackcurrants (thickened with corn flour) on a base of digestive biscuits made an excellent cheesecake

Apple and almond flan, it should have been pear and hazel nut but I couldn't find any pears in the freezer and the supermarket didn't have any ground hazel nuts.

Steamed sponge pudding (either microwave or conventional oven) using any of the fruits stewed and thickened with cornflour instead of jam.

Blackcurrant ice cream made using one of Delia's recipes that I found on the web

Plum and Buttermilk cobbler, another of Delia's recipes that I found on the web

Apple layer pudding, a recipe that Judith Benson passed onto the group.

Clause 13 Hold a dinner party for at least 4 people, consisting of at least 3 courses.

Wasn't quite a dinner party but over the Easter weekend I cooked for the following Good Friday - Six Saturday - Four Sunday - Eight Monday - Four On Good Friday. I made melon in lemon sauce, chicken casserole and key lime pie. If you need the recipes let me know.

Clause 14 Experiment with home made baby foods. How can you alter the flavours and introduce baby to new tastes and flavours without adding salt or sugar.

Would like to adapt this to making healthier toddler food such as chicken nuggets, burgers etc. Made all my own baby food when Alex was younger. The only time he had prepared food was when he was in hospital and they could not offer any gluten free breakfast cereal (he ended up having rice pudding) and the day it took over two hours to get to nursery (normally a two minutes journey) I ended up having to feed Alex in Tesco. Apple and carrot, pear and broccoli and apricot and parsnip were some of the more interesting combinations.

Made homemade pizza using wholemeal muffins, tomato puree, cheese and ham will progress to different toppings in the next batch.

Chicken nuggets made from chicken breast, coated with egg and breadcrumbs have been successful. Next time I make them I'll only coat each nugget once.

Beef burgers, found these very easy to make the burger press that's been in the cupboard for years was put to good use. Will try lamb burgers next and may even progress to turkey.

Fish fingers (according the ingredients) don't seem too unhealthy. I may look out a recipe for fish cakes as a future alternative

Clause 17 Learn a new skill, such as working with Filo pastry, bread making, barbecuing or similar.

Had a go at making home made ice cream found a recipe on Delia's web site for blackcurrant ice cream. First attempt - Hard work sieving the blackcurrants, texture wasn't quite right assume that this was because I over whipped the cream. Spent ages cleaning the sieve and removing all the pips with a dress making pin. Second attempt - Put the fruit in the blender not too bothered about the pips and skin or even the odd stalk. Think I'll buy an ice cream maker as my little boy is getting into ice cream and at least this way I'll know what's in it and can even do yogurt ice cream.

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