Over a three month period, take steps to improve your health and develop awareness of healthy living. Complete six clauses

When taking part in any form of exercise you should always warm up fully beforehand and stretch out properly afterwards. Learn some simple warming up and stretching exercises that you can use before and after any activity. Consult your doctor before undertaking a new exercise regime.

Clause 3 Evaluate the number of medicines you take over a two week period. Are you taking medication to countereffect the side effects of other medication? Do you reach for the medicines each time you have a slight ache or pain? Make efforts to reduce the number of non-prescribed medications you take. You may wish to discuss alternatives to your prescribed medications with your doctor but DO NOT STOP TAKING MEDICATION WITHOUT CONSULTING YOUR DOCTOR.

During the fortnight I did this clause I was taking 3 double strength Ibuprofen tablets a day which were prescribed by my doctor for a should injury. These however had little or no effect other than to bring me out in spots. I shall be going back to the doctor.

I take a calcium supplement everyday as I do not drink milk and rarely eat cheese (though I do like a strong cheddar)

I also take vitamin B complex to help combat the effects of PMT and for me at the moment this works.

I don't generally take medication for every ache and pain, under normal circumstances I take the odd paracetamol

Clause 5 Take part in a dancing session (any form disco, line etc) at least once a week.

I take dance lessons every week, I have challenged my self to pass my grade VI lyrical exam which I take mid December but won't know the result until January. Had to work seriously on the splits, made it with the left leg forward and nearly with the right leg leading.

Clause 6 Challenge yourself to give up smoking

Have never smoked

Clause 7 Eat breakfast every day!

I always eat breakfast

Clause 8 Evaluate the alcohol you consume over a fortnightly period. Is this within the government guidelines?

I very rarely drink. I will occasionally have a glass of wine with a meal to be sociable. I can't remember the last time I had a glass of wine. I never drive even after one drink but always volunteer to drive back as I see this as a good excuse not to drink.

Clause 10 Set yourself a health-challenge. This could be stopping biting your nails, losing weight or eating less junk food. Evaluate your progress after 1 month. Do you need to make any changes?

No chocolate, crisps or biscuits for a month. Hard work but I made it. I would have found this easier if I was pregnant as virtually all I ate for nine months was fruit, veg and salad, couldn't face any of the naughty treats

Clause 11 Keep a record of everything you drink for a week. Check to see if you are getting 1.5 litres or five or more glasses of water a day - the amount needed by the average person. Over the time you are working for the badge, try to increase the amount of fresh water you drink and, at the same time, try to decrease the number of soft drinks or other sugary drinks you have. See how long you can stick to this.

I'm good at this three days a week. When I'm at work I consume over 2 litres of water a day. Whilst working on this badge I have tried to drink more water on non working days though I am struggling to reach 1.5 litres every day. I don't like squashes and don't tend to drink fizzy drinks. I mostly drink hot water with the occasional black tea or coffee. On the whole I am drinking more.

Clause 13 Watch several hours of children's TV. Count the number of food commercials that teach good or poor eating habits. Which of the advertised products are nutritious and which are not? Present your findings to an interested person.

Tend to watch milkshake in the mornings. Most of the advertisements are for toys (more girls than boys thankfully). The food adverts tend to be for MacDonalds which are high in most things other than nutrition or for sugar coated cereal. Such cereals are high in sugar and tend to be high in salt although they may encourage milk drinking in most, my son refuses milk on all cereal preferring them dry - even shreaded wheat. There were also a couple of adverts for 'yogz' which again are high in sugar.

Clause 16. Look at the amount of fruit and vegetables you eat on a day-to-day basis. Introduce one extra piece of fruit or portion of vegetables to your diet each day.

Have looked at my diet and found that most days I eat five portions of fruit and veg often I eat more sometimes double. Have tried harder on Saturday when I don't eat as much as I spend the day at my Mums.

Clause 18 Every night for a week, spend one hour doing something that totally relaxes you, eg listening to music, crafts, going swimming, reading or yoga. This is your time so you decide what it is! Record in an interesting way what you feel before and after the hour.

Have had the yoga and pilates videos out once my son has gone to bed. Before exercising I feel quite wound up (who wouldn't after dealing with a two year old). Afterwards I have been relaxed and enjoyed stitching or reading in bed.

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