Complete Clauses 1-6 and four more which provide a personal challenge to you

Clause 1 Learn how to use a computer to connect to the internet. Find out about the options for accessing the World Wide Web. Discover where in your area you can connect to the internet (e.g. libraries, cyber café etc)

Have connected PCs both at home and work to the internet. Living near the country as I do the only place to connect to the internet is the local library, this is free. I can also access the internet from work providing its in my own time, there are restrictions on what we can access. I can access BOGUK from work but not yahoo groups which is a pain when postings are not coming through to my hotmail account.

Clause 2 Connect to the Guide Association site at and read the "Internet Safety Guidelines". Develop family and/or personal guidelines for use of online services and exploration of the Internet. Discuss issues such as costs, amount of use that is reasonable, parental guidance, shopping by computer, best times to use the phone line, sharing of the computer and phone line by family members, and safety on the Internet.

Have read the "Internet Safety Guidelines". As both my husband and I are above a certain age setting guidelines does not always seem appropriate. However we don't sign up to anything unless we really need to, delete spam emails without opening and never open an attachment unless we know the source beyond that exploration of the internet is down to our own discretion. We also have various anti virus packages on the PC which are updated almost daily.

We have recently gone broadband, as soon as it arrived, this has greatly improved the speed at which we can access the web and we now have a fixed monthly charge, before broadband we did as much of our web activity as possible at work both for speed and cost reasons. Going broadband has also alleviated the phone line problem.

We shop quite regularly on the web for items where we are sure of exactly what we want, we have recently bought a fridge, tumble dryer and digital video camera over the web. We frequently buy books, CD's and DVD's as we have a discount with a major supplier through work.

Our biggest issue is we share one PC that we nearly always want to use at the same time. Monday - Wednesday my husband has free range as I am out, Thurdays are my night as he is out. The rest of the time we try to share it 50 50.

Clause 3 Learn how to send e-mail to someone, and to receive/check email. Learn to attach a document from a file and send it as part of your e-mail message. Know how to zip a document using WINZIP or similar software when sending attachments. Keep a list of favourite e-mail addresses.

I know how to send emails with attachments and also how to use winzip. Have used email in a work capacity for a number of years, can't remember how many and have had a hotmail account for about three years.

Clause 4 Find out how to join the GuidingUK mailing list and join! Take part in discussion on the GuidingUK list for at least three months, posting as often as possible (at least once a week)

Joined the list in February 2004. Have done a few postings but will try harder for the next three months though I will be on holiday in July. I have lots of problems where I am unable to post due to both soft and hard bouncing of my email address. Think I have posted at least once a week since starting on this badge

Clause 5 Take part in an online chat session with at least two other people

Finally done this clause. Signed into the BOGUK chat room on 5th September. Initially chatted to myself as other in the room just seemed to observing. After a break to do the washing up I chatted to a couple of people. May try chatting again and hope that next time there will be more people to chat to.

Clause 6 Say hello to BOGUK by leaving a message on his guest book on the BOGUK site

Left a message in the guest book on 08/06/04

Clause 7 Learn how to use key words in searching for information on a specific topic when using an Internet information browser or a search engine. Find out if there are shortcuts to narrow the field of inquiry. Do a search that will give you answers to a specific question, such as finding out about your favourite sport, a museum you would like to visit, or a craft to do with your Brownies. Visit several Web sites and explore related topics from those Web sites. Keep a log or use bookmarks to mark sites you wish to revisit.

I know how to search the internet for specific information and have used the advanced search function on search engines. I have several bookmarks that cover various hobbies and interests and grouped them together in relevant folders

Clause 10 Find out about software designed to protect children from accessing unsuitable information on the Internet, such as Net Nanny. Look at costs, ease of use and limitations. If possible try them out. How effective are they? Do they hinder the "normal" use of the internet?

Not very relevant at the moment as only my husband and I use the PC and access the internet. I 'm sure this will become more important when my toddler is older. At work access if restricted so that unsuitable sites are barred which can sometime be very restrictive both for personal and work reasons. If we have a valid reason for accessing a site it can be unbarred but this takes some time to happen. Have recently tested with a user at work who had virtually every web site barred including the one I wanted to test his connectivity to, such a pain

Clause 11 Use the internet to look for a specific piece of information that you previously have not looked for (e.g. the surface temperature of Saturn, Albert Einstein's birth date etc). Do the same research using text books at the library or other resources. Compare the accuracy, speed and ease of each method. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the internet for this type of research?

Didn't know what information to look up so have looked up the two examples above The surface temperature of Saturn is -220° Fahrenheit Albert Einstein's was born 14/03/1879 and died 18/04/1955 The information was quick and relatively easy to find on the internet particularly the date of birth. Using reference books from the library was much slower for finding the surface temperature of Saturn though the date of birth was straight forward. The birth dates matched and there was a few degrees difference in the surface temperature. I assume that the DOB is accurate on both counts and as for surface temperature of Saturn this could vary depending on the when it was taken and could vary wildly

Clause 13 Go to the website of your favourite TV show, magazine or similar. Does the content repeat what the show said, does it support it, or is it totally unrelated?

Don't watch much TV, spend most of my free time using the PC, reading or doing craft work so this clause is not really relevant.

Clause 14. Investigate the various options for paying for goods when shopping on the Internet (e.g. paypal, secure credit card transaction etc) and evaluate the range of places that accept them, the security aspects, who they are open to etc.

We shop quite regularly on the web for items where we are sure of exactly what we want, we have recently bought a fridge, tumble dryer and digital video camera over the web. We frequently buy books, CD's and DVD's as we have a discount with a major supplier through work. We have also done Christmas shopping, holidays and theatre tickets through the web. Have yet to do food shopping this way but I do have a £10 voucher for Tesco providing I spend more than £50 and even with the delivery charge taken into account this is an attractive deal. I know several people who food shop on line and have never had any problems, I have no problems in food shopping this way.

I have both personal and joint bank accounts over the web which I use regularly for third party payments, my investments (such as ISA's) or accessable via a portfolio on the web. I have used secure credit card transactions. I do not have a paypal account but I do understand the principle behind it. So far I have not found anything that I want to buy where I have not been able to pay by secure credit card transaction.

Clause 15 Become an Internet tourist by "visiting" a major city in this country or abroad. Access maps and information about weather, visit museums and other places of interest. Share your tour with others. or Use the Internet to plan a family or Guide trip, including travel options, costs, opening times, places of interest and accommodation.

Have booked our family holiday these year using the net. Have booked a cottage near Plymouth which is big enough for my parents and in laws to visit and that is also safe for our toddler. We have looked for suitable places to visit during our stay using Plymouth TIC as a starting point and have come up with the following places:- Crealy, Totness Motor Museum (my son is car/vehicle mad), Model Village at Babbacombe, River Dart Country Park, Sorley Tunnel Adventure Farm, South Devon Railway, National Marine Aquarium, Dingles Steam Village and Bicton Park

Clause 16 Carry out a research project on a subject of your choice using the internet.

Have joined Friends reunited and have made contact with my best friend from primary school before we moved away and have caught up with all the gossip

Clause 17 Develop a scavenger hunt for novice Guiders that teaches them how to use the Internet to help them with their Guiding. Include questions that take them to different sites. Ask them to find out specific information about crafts, songs, BP, the World Centres and other Guiding activities as well as items of a personal interest.

During the winter term in 2003 we worked for the Brownie Traditions badge as a pack. A number of questions were set as homework. For those without internet access I sure most of the answers could be found in handbooks are other reference books. Unfortunately I no longer have a copy of the quiz (big mistake) they had to find out information on Lord and Lady Baden Powell, when Guides and Brownies started, where the first Scout camp was held. They were also asked to find a picture of an old uniform and draw it as well as trying to find out what Brownies used to keep in their pockets and why. The majority of Brownies completed this successfully.

Clause 18 Develop and/or run a training session for Guiders and/or girls on the resources available on the Internet.

Interesting idea but due to lack of resources and the fact I live over 25 miles outside our district/division. I even live outside the county and region I Guide in therefore this clause is not feasible.

Clause 19 Teach a novice how to surf the Net. Learn about their interests so you can design a grand tour for them.

Am teaching my dad how to surf the net and use email some of the sites that we have looked at on our grand tour are:- Nat West Bank, Luton Town Football Club, Scout Association, BBC both News and Sport .

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